Monday, December 1, 2008

The Work Begins....

Na-ma-ste! (Hello!) Well the journey has now well and truly begun. The enormity of the task ahead has now sunk in and we spent most of the day reading, researching the web, writing and planning the next couple of weeks before we head back to the Ashram - which we are all really looking forward to.

We took the kids out to a few more of the western style shopping malls in the late afternoon and had a bit of a feed. I ordered enough food to probably feed several families - but it was very good. If I keep this up, not much chance of losing any weight - will probably put some on!

The kids are doing great. It is incredible to see how quickly they have adapted to this new way of life and take in the challenging things they are seeing. They are also very creative in keeping themselves busy while Lou and I work on this project. Sam has even taken a liking to reading! The books here a very cheap, so we have already starting building quite a family library.

Sam and I also had our hair cuts yesterday. Because of the language barrier - at the moment - it was challenging trying to tell them how we wanted our hair cut. I asked for a magazine, and they came up with 2 pages of male haircuts that took me back to the 80's! May work for some, but not for Sam and I. We hedged our bets and opted for the same style - short! We even experienced a blackout during the cut - interesting sitting in the dark with a man holding scissors still trying to cut your hair!

Lou also had a successful day in her mission to solve our clothes drying dilemma. There was no need for a drying rack, as our house maid showed us that we in fact had a drying room in the apartment! (what we thought was the storage room, however the screws in the walls were in fact to tie rope to act as a clothes line). Lou found the rope and we now have an Aussie style clothes line in our apartment. Next step for Lou is to try and convince the house maid it is easier to wash the clothes using the washing machine, rather than by hand - good luck with that one!
Well we managed to stay up till 9.30pm which should hopefully see us just about over the jet lag.

All is good in this wonderful, exciting, interesting and diverse country they call India.


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Nicole said...

Hey there, great to hear from you guys(only just noticed that i can add comment to your blogs oops).

Sounds like you are having a great time and adjusting to the lifestyle.How is Hunter liking the food now? I would be the same.
should send though a photo of Sam's & Ray's new hair cut.Is it as short as the boys.
Loving the single bed quilts on a queen size least that means you guys do not have to share or is that only drinks and jupiter bars(oops sorry hope you do niot get a craving now).
Well i just finished my last exam WOO HOO !!it feels good .
Boys are well jackson is still creating new out fits to wear.
chloe is still having lots of fun with Oscar and oddly has not done any more swimming.Taking her up to natalies to give them a grooming day. she will look so pretty.
Missing you all. speak soon