Friday, May 20, 2011

To the orange haired men of India,

What are you thinking? I know you think dying your greying hair orange might be the height of fashion but you are sorely mistaken. You look like Bozo the clown.
I don't know who tricked you into thinking this looks good...

but they are not your friend and if they happen to be your hairdresser they should be shot before they do any more damage to the sensitive eyes of the public.

Let your hair go grey…. or at the very least dye it your natural colour. I am telling you, you would have much better luck with the ladies being a sliver fox than a crazy clown. Let the following be your inspiration… 

                                                          George Clooney

                                                               Eric Dane

                                                           Pierce Brosnan

                                                               Not this…
                                                        Ronald McDonald

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Ashima Jain said...

Haha, you've got it wrong. They don't purposely dye their hair orange.
In India, it's a very old tradition to use henna. Most old people prefer to use it over synthetic dyes. And if you apply henna over white hair, it inevitably leads a tangy orange-ish color. Therefore, the orange headed men!

Have a good day!