Tuesday, December 9, 2008

street markets

For dinner on Monday night we ordered in Domino's pizza (for Hunter's benefit- she is still finding much of the food a bit spicy) it was cheap by Australian standards for delivered pizza but not by Indian standards. I am not really a fan of delivery pizza at the best of times, though we all agreed that Domino's pizza in India would be a one time event.

On Tuesday afternoon we decided to once again go in search of some street markets. After referring to a few websites we headed into Delhi. First we went to Janpath in central Delhi where they have the Janpath & Tibetan market. We all loved it. The shops and stalls were full of cheap scarves, jewelery, brass, clothing, wood carvings and more. People coming up to you trying to sell you necklaces, peacock feathers and carvings. Bargaining is necessary (Ray's job- he loves it) except in a few of the fixed price stores. The first stretch we covered was a row of women selling amazing bed linen, table runners, saris, scarves and wraps; each one calling out for us to come and see. In the Tibetan section Hunter bought some anklets while outside a fortune teller tried to entice Ray. He said....Ray has a lucky face! That he is a deep thinking person that loves his family, although not many understand his way of thinking!...I am thinking that perhaps you could make this gerealisation about most people who are out shopping with their family deep in thought...

Up in the clothing market Sam bought an Adidas hoodie and a New York hat... the real thing...no really...haha. 
Ray's big purchase of the day was a trumpet... yes a trumpet (photos to follow).
I of course bought wraps and scarves...what else...I envisage myself coming home with about 50 at this early stage - I can't resist.

The street food is becoming more and more tempting, it all looks so good, especially the stands that sell the sweet potato's and the one that cells sprouts and lentils...mmm. Do I go there? Maybe next time...

After Janpath we headed to another market... Dilli Haat. Dilli Haat is an organised market where you have to pay a small entrance fee. Once again shopping heaven. We perused some amazing crafts and beautiful fabrics. Hunter saw lots of children playing simple violins...she was on a mission (oh the noise). By this stage Ray was starving; a lot of Indian places sell Chinese food as well so Ray had chilli chicken and Hunter a mild crispy chicken. Sam and I stuck with curry.
Hunter and I both had henna painted on one arm (pics to follow) the women are so creative in the way they can make amazing patterns from their mind.
Sam was fascinated by some young boys who performed with drums and dance and breathed fire... amazing performancs so if we go back I will defiantly bring my camera.

On Friday we will be heading off to the the ashram for a few days - we are all really looking forward to going back there again.

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