Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well, today was fairly mundane. I have been looking for inspiration as to what to write all day. So far… nothing. Here is my day.

  • Took Hunter to school
  • Went for a run in Lodi Gardens - not sure how much longer that will last, it's getting hot
  • Ray dropped me at the market on his way to a meeting - getting used to riding side-saddle on the back of the scooter
  • Cleaned up the house it was a mess after the dust storm the other night - you would think I had left all the doors and windows open during the storm
  • Trawled the internet and caught up on the news
  • Picked up Hunter from school
  • Made banana ice-cream by blending frozen bananas with milk
  • Tried to find a CrossFit gym in Delhi that isn't a million miles away
  • Went through Hunter's wardrobe and got together a big bag of clothes to donate to the ashram
  • Put up a wall decal on Hunter's bedroom wall
  • Made Pina colada ice blocks - my current obsession
  • Went to dinner with friends at one of my fave Indian Restaurants - Colonel Kababz at Defense Colony

A very ordinary day… I think I might play tourist tomorrow and go check out Gandhi's house