Friday, June 17, 2011

Mussoorie- The highs and lows

We left Delhi at 6am on a Sunday morning to drive the 6+ hours to Himalayan Torchbearers to drop the kids at camp and then on to a one week break in Mussoorie.

Day 1

The Lows
Screaming profanities at another driver who tried to cut in front of us at a toll gate. I won.

Side swiping a truck after being sandwiched between said truck and motorbike. No need to stop and exchange details. Nice ding in rear passenger door coupled with some deep gouges in the paint work.

Running out of petrol on arriving in Mussoorie… not too much of a low as we happened to be driving downhill the time and managed to cruise the 2 kilometres straight into the petrol station.

The Highs
Spotting a billboard for a water fun park called 'Drizzling Land'  Still makes me giggle.

Passing a newly built housing community called 'Wonder Estate' Made me wonder who the hell would want to live there.

Watching an amazing electrical storm and hail from our hotel room overlooking the Doon Valley

Day 2

The Lows
Being interrogated at breakfast by a roomful of Indians (30ish), wanting to know where I was from how long I had been in India and where in Delhi I lived. It's a wonder they didn't ask my bra size.

Taking a wander down mall road with half the population of Delhi and seeing market stalls that sell all the crap that is sold in the boring markets of Delhi.

Eating a funky tasting piece of chicken in the soup I had for lunch

The Highs
Discovering a cool lil antique shop which sold Indian antiques as well as stuff from the British- The British used to occupy Mussoorie in the summer when they ran the country. On a side note when the British occupied Mussoorie they had the hide to erect a sign that said 'Indians and Dogs not allowed:

Dinner with friends at a really cool cafe called the Clocktower Cafe

Day 3

The Lows
Waking up at some hideous hour with explosive watery Diarrhoea. The likely culprit the funky tasting piece of chicken in previous days soup.

Waking at 7:30am and having to run to the toilet approximately every 15 minutes for several hours

At 11am started to dry reach without success. Felt like death warmed up.

The Highs
I am not sure if this is a highlight but I am now completely comfortable in existing without toilet paper. The high pressure butt hose in the bathroom got a workout.

Bucket showers- Sitting on a lil stool with a bucket of warm water and scooping jugfuls of warm water over me. I am a convert.

Eating litchis, mangoes and peaches when I felt I would be able to hang onto it.

Day 4

The Lows
Burning the clutch on a seriously steep hill start in our crap car

Driving behind Delhi drivers who don't know how to hill start or drive safely on winding mountain roads

The Highs
Visiting Woodstock School

Enjoying good food at Chaar Dukan and taking in the amazing views from Landour

Day 5

The Highs
Picking up the kids from camp

The Low
Driving back to Delhi on bad roads and hideous traffic…. At least I got to see 'Drizzling Land' again.

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