Thursday, May 19, 2011


On Sunday afternoon we went to Bipul and Dolly's wedding.

Bipul and Dolly are both ashram staff and it was so great to know them from when they first met up until now that they are married.
The wedding was not your typical Indian wedding as it was not Hindu but rather Christian. It was interesting to see how this differed from a Hindu wedding in that they got married in a Methodist Church and the bride wore a western style wedding dress and she had bridesmaids and bouquets etc. I think it was a bit of a shame that it was not a little more Indian traditional. Although the bride looked beautiful, I think she would have looked even more so in a traditional sari… perhaps a crossing of east meets west.
Here are a couple of other observations I made on the day.

We travelled to the church by metro as our car was being used to transport the bridal party. Our car was covered in little red rosebuds which has been sticky-taped over pretty much the whole car. There was also some very wilted bouquets taped to the front. You can kind of see what it looked like in the pic below. We now have our car back and it is covered in dirty sticky-tape residue.

On the metro we were stared at the whole way - as usual. In fact a woman in a full face covered burka even lifted her veil so she could peer at Hunter.

We arrived at the church at 4:30 for a 4pm wedding. We were sill half an hour too early. At 5pm the minister, looking frustrated, said over the microphone "bring the girl we are late already"

It was a 42 degree day without air-conditioning. Thankfully the heat does not bother me too much except for when I am trying to sleep.

Indian videographers do not know the meaning of being discreet. These guys were seriously obstructing the view. They were walking down the isle literally a metre ahead of the bride causing the bridal party to be all bunched up.

The bride did a fabulous job of playing the role of a terrified girl sad to be leaving her family. Even though it was clear she was happy. The groom looked petrified.

Guests would walk up onto the stage and take photos anytime they felt like it.

After they were married the bride's veil was removed by her husband but they did not kiss.

After the ceremony, outside the church a 10 shot firecracker was lit in way too close proximity to the bridal party, the church and the guests. Hunter had a burning ember land in her eye. No damage done.

I brought a book with me to read during the commute and all the waiting around. Unfortunately it was a pirated book and when I got to the crucial part, about 30 pages from the end, I discovered pages were missing and many were out of order…grr

The wedding cake toper was a cutesy caucasian couple in wedding garb.

At the reception some kids went up to Sam and asked him very discretely if he ate meat and later said he looked liked Justin Bieber.

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