Monday, December 20, 2010

No matter how far or how wide I roam...

A collection of things I did not know that I had missed after spending two Australian summers abroad.

Soft flooring underfoot
The sight of swooping Cockatoos
A warm breeze carrying the scent of Gardenias
The deafening sound of cicadas in Sydney's north
Walking uphill
A quality gearbox
Walking into a shopping centre without being pat down

The things I knew that I missed...

Summer fruit
The ocean
Clear blue skies
Dark clouds and thunderstorms
The beach
A car radio
Good food!
Smooth orderly roads and traffic
Long hot showers with good water pressure
Machine washed clothing dried in the sun
The colour green
A hot Christmas
Not having to worry that what I am wearing might not be culturally inappropriate... not that I wear risque clothing... it's just the little things
Family and friends
Girls night out

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