Monday, July 20, 2009

quick update


Well everyone has recovered and life is back to normal.

We (well Louise anyway) are very excited about our impromptu trip to Varanasi. We are leaving on Tuesaday morning in order to get there before the total solar eclipse on Wednesday. This is meant to be one of the best eclipses the world will ever see for the next 100 years. It will last for 3.5 minutes in Varanasi and as long as 6 minutes in some athols off the coast. The last eclipse I saw in desert Australia only lasted 25 seconds. It is such a treat to be in the the right country at the right time... I know what you are thinking solar eclipse big deal... but until you experience one you cannot understand just how awesome and eerie they are. I will no doubt describe the experience in graphic detail on my next post. I plan to photograph/video the moon crossing the rising sun over the Ganges.

Yesterday afternoon I went into Narela to pick up some clothes I had dyed. I found a really nice top that had bleach marks on it so I had it dyed black for 80cents... While I was waiting for the guy in the shop to find my order an Indian family inquisitively asked if I lived in Narela... to which I replied yes...It must be odd to see someone like me going about life in such a remote little village.

When Sharlene heard I was going into Narela she asked if I could drop some blood off to pathology... Blood testing is nothing like Australia. She drew the blood with a syringe, capped the needle, stuck a bit of tape on it with the patients first name on it and on a scrap piece of paper listed the tests. Sam had a blood test the other day... his results came back with his name "Sam" (no date of birth and contact details). His FBC (full blood count) results and negative for Malaria.

Sorry its brief... so busy... lots of news for next time

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