Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Impressions

We have finally arrived in Delhi. The flights were great, very little turbulence and smooth landings. The only slight drama was when Ray's nose sprung a leak and wouldn't stop bleeding for about an hour. The amount of blood was unbelievable I am usually not queasy but I nearly lost my lunch and passed out; the only thing that saved me was the Bach Rescue Remedy pastilles... they taste gross but they work.

On leaving the arrivals hall and stepping outside the airport we soon understood the idea of over a billion people in this country. The drive to the hotel was an eye opener for the kids with the cows wandering down the streets, the number of cars and bikes and the constant blasting of horns.
The security was stepped up at the hotel after all that has gone down in Mumbai. Our car was checked inside and out for bombs etc before we were allowed in the drive.
I am sitting by the window in the hotel at the moment watching a cow stroll down a 6 lane street into on coming traffic, obviously it has no reason for concern as the cars stop and give way.
The pollution is worse than I expected, I would say visibility is not more than 200 metres. The haze is ever present even in the hotel lobby and restaurant. 
We will be heading out to the ashram today and are looking forward to getting a bit more of a feel for this teeming city.

Will post some pics soon

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