Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mundane

It's been four months but I have finally found the inspiration to get this blogging gig back on track. 
I think things around here feel a bit too normal after 3+ years, in fact for me, daily life here could be called somewhat mundane. There is a blog I follow whose tag line is 'making the most of the mundane' I love reading that blog because it is about daily life in my hometown, Sydney and some days (read most days) I crave to lead a mundane life in Sydney. I am quite sure like the Sydney Blogger I follow there is an anecdote in my mundane days. So, I am going to try and share something, anything, most days, even if it's just a paragraph. Hopefully others might find it entertaining and perhaps at the same time I might realise things aren't so mundane after all.

So here is today's activities….

We all got up early to go running with friends in Lodi Gardens. I sometimes get frustrated with the lack of outdoor activities and scenic walks in Delhi. I hate that I can't just step out my door and go for a run… well perhaps I could but it would not be a pleasant experience. So my current favourite running track is the 2.1km run around Lodi Gardens in South Delhi. And you know what… though its not my preferred scenery of the Queenscliff to Shelly Beach run in Sydney it is really just as impressive. The track passes several 15th and 16th century tombs, beautiful gardens, fountains and unusual wildlife… Can't complain really.